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10.11.2016 – 11.11.2016


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IT Contracts, IT2015

IT Contracts is a comprehensive and practical information package about IT industry contracts (IT2015) and their practical aspects. The objective of this training is that the person negotiating and preparing contracts recognizes in advance the most important issues to consider, as well as related options and their implications.

More than 750 people working with IT contracts apply successfully what they have learned from this training program.

Target audience

The IT Contracts training is equally suitable for lawyers and IT personnel, persons responsible for purchases or sales, and in general for all those who participate in drafting or negotiating contracts.

This training is run in Finnish. If you are interested in training on these themes in English, pls contact us. 

The description of this IT contracts training in Finnish is here.

Training material

The training material includes IT2015 terms (education license).

The IT Contracts training focuses on the most common types of contracts in the IT industry, their premises, the interests of the parties and the main contractual terms and conditions. The course also deals with current phenomena, such as the ASP model (application leasing), avoiding financial risks e.g. by using escrow arrangement, and the increasingly popular NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). The course also covers comprehensively the general terms of IT2015, and how they can be optimally utilized in various contract scenarios. The training material includes IT2015 terms (education license).

The trainer of the IT Contracts course is Kari-Matti Lehti, lawyer at Attorneys Hammarström Puhakka Partners. Kari-Matti Lehti is an experienced lawyer working especially in the fields of IT industry contracts, immaterial rights and e-commerce. Previously he has worked at Finnish Competitor and Consumer Authority and in an international software company as a lawyer. He has extensive training experience in the field of IT contracts.

The content of the IT Contracts (IT2015) training

Underlying factors - what's behind the contracts?

  • The specific characteristics of the IT industry
  • Legal premises
  • Economic premises

Types of contracts in IT sector - how to secure your interests

  • Licensing contracts
  • Project contracts
  • Maintenance and support contracts
  • Contracts related to outsourcing
  • Service contracts

Structuring the delivery and specifying the subject of a contract

  • Delivery phase vs. maintenance phase
  • Bundling and unbundling products and services
  • Multi-supplier deliveries: responsibility, subcontracting etc.
  • End result vs. actions
  • Product vs. service

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Copyright and what it protects
  • Source code and trade secrets
  • Patenting software

Pricing issues

  • Fixed total price vs. billing hourly
  • Alternative pricing models
  • License pricing
  • Maintenance pricing
  • Price changes

Timetable for the IT contracts training

Training days begin at 9:00 and end at 16:00, morning coffee available from 8:30 onwards.

Price of the IT contracts training

Training fee is 1490 € + VAT. Those who pay with Tieturi's training card will be charged 120 € + VAT for the training materials.