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Agile meets User Experience (UX)

Participants will gain knowledge about when and how to apply basic user experience techniques in an agile or lean project and understand how to grow basic UX expertise from own resources.


Enable a product to succeed at the market and allocate development resources correctly with no extra costs.


Software developers, software project managers, scrum masters.

Do you follow agile processes, like Scrum, Kanban or simply a process based on lean principles? Do you have some ideas about UX? Do you think that taking care of user experience might be a competitive advantage to improve the user experience of your product? But, your current budget does not allow adding any UX specialist to the project who could help you in this respect. In addition you have heard that UX professionals make things only difficult. Do you want to overcome these obstacles?
Then this course is for you.


Understanding of agile or lean methods.

The Agile meets UX – integrating user experience techniques into agile development environments -course addresses the problem that a company needs user experience expertise within an agile project but it finds too many obstacles to start to implement it, (missing time, budget, or competences). One solution is to start with building in-project (or in-house) competences for some basic UX methods like Basic concept design, Usability studies, and UX documentation.
We will address the basic requirements of agile and lean environments and how to utilize fundamental yet highly effective UX techniques according to these very special and demanding requirements. The course will teach you how this can be done with already existing project team staff. If done right, these techniques will improve your product’s chances at the market at no increase of the overall costs.

Table of contents

  • Adopting UX techniques to meet agile and lean development requirements
  • Concept design for agile and lean projects
  • Ideation
  • From ideas to goals
  • From goals to flows
  • From flows to views
  • Usability studies for agile and lean projects
  • On-site usability studies
  • Remote usability studies
  • Design communication
  • UI style guide
  • Communicating design for implementation

The course is with integrated exercises. The knowledge can be deepened by additional full day courses like:

  • The FLOW concept design method
  • DIY usability studies

Personal IT to do internet searches.

Course language

6h + lunch break + 2 coffee breaks