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25.10.2016 – 28.10.2016


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Informatica PowerCenter 9.5 Developer Level 2

PowerCenter 9.x: Developer, Level 2 complements and extends the PowerCenter 9x: Developer, Level 1 class with advanced topics and extended labs. This course can be delivered through a four-day instructor led format or through our onDemand offering, which is comprised of 13 modules and 10 labs.


Database Developers with six months or more experience with PowerCenter Prerequisites: - PowerCenter 9.x Level 1 Developer - 3 Months or more experience working with PowerCenter.



The course content includes the following topics:

  • Informatica PowerCenter architecture.
  • User defined and advanced functions.
  • Use of Mapping Variables and Parameter Files.
  • How to Normalize and Denormalize data using PowerCenter.
  • The Stored Procedure transformation and its two modes of use.
  • The SQL Transformation.
  • PowerCenter source-based, target-based, and user-based transaction control.
  • Constraint-based loading.
  • The Transaction Control transformation for data-driven transaction control.
  • Built-in, optional, and mapping design recovery capabilities.
  • Built-in and optional High Availability functions.
  • PMCMD and PMREP command-line functionality.
  • PowerCenter Performance Tuning Methodology including performance counters, thread utilization, source, target, and integration service bottlenecks, and the impact of the update-else-insert setting.
  • Effect of mapping design on performance.
  • Apply design principles by building a new mapping.
  • Effect of caching and RAM on performance.
  • The transformations that cache data, the DTM buffer pool, and the use of cache calculators.
  • PowerCenter Partitioning rules, types and effect on the DTM buffer pool.



The course is taught in local language. Course includes plenty of hands-on exercises.

Course price includes course material and catering (coffees, lunch) daily.

Affecto reserves the right to make changes to courses and schedules. Affecto may cancel a course if there are less than six (6) participants. Affecto is not responsible for any expenses related to course cancellation.

This course can also be arranged onsite at customer location.

Affecto Finland Oy vastaa kurssin toteutuksesta.

Affecto Finland Oy is responsible for running this course. Course will be held in Helsinki, Pitäjänmäki.

MIF/Tieturi Training card prices or other pricing contracts are not applicable for this course. The course will be held in cooperation with Affecto Finland.