Ensure faultless and user-friendly software


Good testing, better software. Testing has become a necessity in business. Testing brings comprehensive benefits to software projects, because it combines software development skills, business expertise, system thinking and excellent communication skills.

With digitalization, the number of software projects has increased immensely, which also increases the importance of and need for testers. Because software development is constantly changing, testers should also consider their own path of learning and update their skills.

Well-tested, functional software increases both customer satisfaction and trust in the tester. If you are able to verify the quality of software with consistent, good results, you know that the customer experience is likely to be excellent.

What type of testing training do you need?

We offer a comprehensive selection of software testing courses. Are you interested in Robot Framework or accredited ISTQB certification? Or user interface design and testing? In our training you have the chance to learn more about theory and conduct practical assignments under the guidance of a professional trainer, as well as hear the latest tips from the field.

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