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IT Project Planning and Execution

Once you have completed the training, you know the key issues in project management and practical project management methods and know the specific features of IT projects.

Target audience

This training is targeted for persons involved in the execution, planning and defining IT projects.


This training does not require previous project work experience, but having worked in projects before makes it easier to adopt the learnings of this training. The training is suitable also for experienced project managers who want to streamline project execution.

Training material

This training is run in Finnish (here the description in Finnish). If you are interested in training on these themes in English, pls contact us.

This IT project training concentrates on the methods of planning and executing IT projects. The training focuses on the basics of project management in an industry-independent manner. The special features of information system projects are addressed through teamwork, sample projects and discussions.

This training provides competence to successfully manage projects. After the training, participants know the key issues and practical methods of project management and know the special features of IT projects. Participants may, if so wish, to use their own ongoing/starting projects as Case Projects, thus gaining more concrete benefits for their own work.

Contents of IT Project Planning and Execution

1st day: Planning a big picture for an information system project

  • The cooperation between business and IT management
  • The role of IT director
  • Introduction to project work
    • Concepts related to project work
  • Needed pre-work for initiating projects
    • Group work: analyzing the starting point of Case Projects
  • Project preparation and comprehensive planning of projects
  • Project planning
    • Group work: stakeholder analysis of Case Projects
  • Requirement engineering
  • Special features of IT projects
  • The pitfalls of IT projects
  • Models of software engineering

2nd day: Detailed planning and execution of information system projects

Project planning

  • Project breakdown structure
  • Quality thinking in the project
  • Project time planning
  • Network Diagram and Critical Path methods
  • Estimating work loads in projects
  • Group work: defining project breakdown structure (PBS), work breakdown structure (WBS) and milestones for Case Projects

Risk Management

  • Examples of risk management in different project stages
  • Teamwork: risk planning of case projects

Project management software


  • Testing process
  • Levels in testing and V model
  • Non-functional testing
  • Organization

3rd day: Executing and controlling an IT project

Change management in a project

  • Group work: communication plans for Case Projects

Organizing a project

  • Main guiding principles

The organisation of projects

  • The role and competences of a project manager
  • The role and competences of a project team
  • Group work: organizing Case Projects: competence and responsibility matrices

Leading people in projects

Tracking progress and control in projects

  • Earned Value Method

Project Communication

Quality assurance

Closing a project

Timetable for IT project management training

Training days 1 & 2 begin at 9:00 and end at 16:30, the 3rd training day is from 9:00 to 16:00. Morning coffee available from 8:30 am onwards.

Training card on this project management training

Those who pay with Tieturi's training card will be charged 4 training days.