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Adobe Acrobat - Basic

This course teaches you the basics of Adobe Acrobat and PDF handling during two training days. The course is held in Stockholm or by Remote but can be adapted for groups everywhere.

PDF has become the standard format for digital documents in most industries. Adobe Acrobat allows you to easily create secure, platform-independent documents and forms. Acrobat documents can be created from a variety of software, and you can "print" a PDF, as would Acrobat be a regular printer. PDF is today a common format for forms and form, and it is widely used by government and authorities.


What will you learn during Adobe Acrobat - basic:

You will learn how to digitize text documents, product catalogues, price lists, manuals and sending proofs digitally. You will learn how to make forms with different starting points. These can be existing paper, Word documents or other files created in InDesign, for example. We also review how to protect your documents against, for example, printing or copying of content.

Course structure:

We start from scratch and explains colour models, resolution, and what opportunities are available with Acrobat. Then we begin to create a PDF file with different end uses; everything from printing to be sent to the printers, the forms and surveys.


After completing this course, you will know about:

  • PostScript and PDF
  • The resolution and compression
  • Color RGB / CMYK
  • PDF Writer Vs. Distiller and third party software
  • Edit and comment
  • Create forms
  • Link and navigate
  • Create slideshows
  • Movies and sound in PDF
  • Document protection