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Adobe After Effects - Basic

Video is now a very important part of marketing. In order to do an effective video, you need to understand both storytelling and visual effects. You must also understand how to capture the "viewer" and make your video effects attractive and understandable. After Effects has some similarities with Photoshop, and it is a fantastic tool to make your videos look professional. We use After Effects Creative Cloud with the latest updates.

“Photoshop in four dimensions” is sometimes said in the video industry about Adobe After Effects. In After Effects, you can move your videos, text and other graphics anyway over time; the fourth dimension.

Target audience

For the person who already knows all the steps for producing video, including cutting, but now needing the edge that After Effects can provide.


Basic knowledge of Photoshop. Basic knowledge of any video editing software.


Training material

Course material in English is included.

You will learn on Adobe After Effects - Basic course: 

We will go through the basic principle of how After Effects works, so you get a broad and thorough understanding of the program; its features and tools. After Effects works with layers just like Photoshop, so we will also visit Photoshop and import various things from there. We will learn how to animate with key frames, which is an important concept. After Effects also supports 2D in 3D, meaning that you can put layers at different depth to work with a moving camera and variable lighting in a virtual 3D environment.

Course structure

The training builds up your knowledge by having you create several short, power packed videos.


Some topic points during training:

  • Animation with Keyframes
  • Layer Styles and Layer Effects
  • Animated Effects
  • Tracking
  • Lighting
  • Virtual cameras
  • 2D in 3D