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Adobe Animate basics

The web is constantly evolving. Before HTML was enough. Today HTML5, XHTML, JavaScript and CSS have replaced the original HTML. Most animations on the web today is no longer the SWF and ActionScript of years past. However, Animate, as Flash is called today, is still a tool that you can happily use to create animations. Here you’ll find all the tools that an animator needs; key-frames, onion-skinning, etc. Animate can then export the results in HTML5 and WebGL or Animated GIFs. Because Animate internally uses vector graphics it is easy to scale the output for different platforms without loss of quality.

Target audience

Most people can take this basic course: It helps if you have experience of other graphics programs and web production. This training is for all of you who wants to create animations, for example Banners, to add too existing Web pages.


We recommend that you have some experience in Photoshop and Illustrator. It is not a requirement, but rather a recommendation.


Training material

Course materials in English is included.

We take you through all the steps, so that you will be able to make your own animations in Animate. We focus primarily on the technical, and you get to learn to make various animations with "key frames". You will also learn to manage audio and video effects.

Structure of the course:

We go through the basics and begin by creating simple shapes and text that are animated in different ways. In Animate everything can be animated and have its own timeline. For example, a butterfly flying is flapping its wings in one animation, but its movement on the screen is another.
We explore the store, key-frames and motion guides.
Different file formats and requirements for different systems will be discussed.


Some topic points during training:

  • Draw and animate in Animate
  • The logic of Animate
  • Vertyg and interface
  • Import graphics and make it “live”
  • Buttons and animation
  • Text Handling
  • Libraries and Symbols 
  • Exporting from Animate
  • Basic ActionScript