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Adobe Illustrator Basics

Learn the basics of Illustrator on this 2-day course. The course is held in Stockholm or Remote, and can also be adapted for business groups everywhere.

lllustrator is the most frequently used program to produce illustrations, logos, packaging design and infographics. Illustrator is a vector-based drawing program, unlike ordinary paint program that uses pixels. This enables graphics created in Illustrator not to lose any quality if enlarged or reduced. Illustrator is also the obvious choice when working with printed material consisting of one or a small number of pages.


What will you learn during Adobe Illustrator basics

In this course you will learn all important, common tools and features in Illustrator. You learn how to create different kinds of illustrations such as logos, maps, symbols and graphics. You will learn to work with layers, gradients and filters, all for publication in various types of media, both on web and in print. We use the latest version of Creative Cloud, but can also deliver the course in earlier versions.

Course structure:

We begin by explaining the tools to get a feeling for what distinguishes Illustrator from an ordinary drawing program. Then we turn knowledge into practice by creating some graphics that the trainer presents. We will design a logo. We could create an ad and a large Poster.


Some topic points during the course:

  • Basic Color Theory
  • Basic software functions
  • Create custom colors
  • Object Management
  • Group, ungroup
  • Isolation Mode
  • Stock
  • Transparency
  • Gradients
  • Work effectively in Illustrator
  • Symbol Handling
  • Vectorization of pixel graphics
  • Different formats to save in