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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Basic

Today video is an essential part of marketing. In order to do an enjoyable and informing video, you need to understand both storytelling and cutting technology. You must also understand how to capture the viewer and “tell the story”. This is done in the editing. The sound is also an important part of your movie, why we spend some time talking about capturing and processing audio in Premiere Pro.

During the course, we use Premiere Pro Creative Cloud (CC), but we can also run on earlier versions if desired.

Target audience

Anyone can join this course to learn how to edit (cut) video. Communicators, marketers, secretaries, assistants and other employees who are working to promote their businesses. Why not start by creating a movie for your web?


We recommend that you first take the course "Video theory and practice" but there is no requirement to be able to keep up with and edit video in Premiere Pro CC.


Training material

Course materials in English is included.

We will go through all the major features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, so you get a broad and thorough understanding of the program and all its features, tools and effects. Both the video and sound effects are cowered, as well as various "Transitions" for picture and sound. We will also visit Photoshop and learn to make different layers from Photoshop come alive in Premiere Pro. You will also get to learn how to handle "multi-camera" features in the program.

Structure of the course:

It is a workshop where you will learn by editing together several small videos from raw material supplied by the instructor.


Some topic points during the course:

  • Video Editing
  • Editing Technology / Story telling
  • Software Features
  • Video tools
  • Lights and image effects
  • Filter Handling
  • Gradient Effects
  • Multi-camera project
  • Etc.