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InDesign Course - Basic

Learn Adobe InDesign on this two day course. The course can also be adapted for business groups everywhere.

Indesign Course

Adobe InDesign is a program in the category that traditionally is called Desktop Publishing (DTP). The program dominates the market and is the clear choice for creating multi-page documents. With InDesign you can efficiently produce ads, flyer, book, magazine layout, etc. The use of "Master Pages" and custom templates ensures a consistent layout for your printed matter. We use the latest version and therefore also talk about Creative Cloud.


You will learn:

During this course you will learn all the important tools in InDesign; everything to enable you to publish your work in different types of media. We will edit a longer text and add images, page numbers and table of contents. In this course you will learn the principles of InDesign and how they can help you make a better layout.
InDesign, as well as most other Adobe software, have support for plug-ins that can solve various tasks. Informator has a collaboration with Designers Bookshop. They make a popular plug-in, Grid Calculator Pro, which significantly improves and simplifies the process of creating professional layouts and manage text in InDesign.
By using this you avoid having to make manual calculations and settings which in many cases can take up to several hours. Instead, a few minutes is enough to create sustainable layouts of the highest quality.
Participants of the course gets an introduction to how it works, and a free 3-month try-out-license worth approximately SEK 400 ex. VAT!

Course structure:

We begin by reviewing InDesign tools and palettes. We discuss around a number of key concepts in DTP, colour theory and printing. The course is a workshop where you will learn how to do layout and photo montage based on the information the trainer presents. Participants also have the option to talk about their own creative work with the instructor.


Some topic points during training:

  • Basic Color Theory
  • Basic software functions
  • Object Management
  • Drawing Tools
  • Other applications and what they do in relation to InDesign
  • Text Formatting
  • Gradients and Effects
  • Images and placement
  • "Preflight" and PrintReady PDFs