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Photoshop Course - Basic

Welcome to a two-day course that teaches you the basics of Adobe Photoshop. The course can also be adapted for business groups everywhere.

Photoshop Course

Virtually all the images that we see in media and press have taken a trip through Photoshop. The program is the industry standard and the one any other image processing software is measured and compared against. We primarily use the latest version for the course but can adapt for those who have an earlier version.
Photoshop is primarily an image manipulation program, but it is also used by illustrators and artists to create stunning images from a blank canvas. The program can work with one image at a time, or you can create macros that automatically addresses many images.


You will learn:

During the course will learn how to solve common image adjustment, cropping, exposure, picture editing and resizing.
We go through almost the entire program in order to get a handle on all the opportunities that Photoshop provides. We look at Adobe Bridge and Creative Cloud.
After the course you will have a good understanding of how to use Adobe Photoshop to create, modify or adjust images and photographs.

Course structure:

The most common and most useful tools are presented and explained. Time is given for participants to try out for themselves. During the course, a number of images are adjusted and corrected to suit different purposes. We also talk a bit about workplace ergonomics especially for Photoshop; for example about screens, drawing tablets, software versions and additional software that simplifies the process. Those who wish are also welcome to bring their own files.


After the course you will be:

  • Understand what all common tools and palettes in Photoshop do
  • Understanding colour theory with CMYK and RGB
  • Making corrections in colour, sharpness, horizon mm.
  • Work with selections, made in many different ways
  • Understand and work with layers and layer masks
  • Understand how to automate common tasks
  • Using filters
  • Touch up dust and defects
  • Retouch unwanted things in the picture
  • Selecting s suitable image format for the purpose 
  • Crop the image to the desired proportions