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Video Theory and Practice

It has never been easier to get started with video production. The technology has become easier and cheaper. Our broadband has become wider and faster. Every other kid has a YouTube channel. Overall, this means more and more companies and government agencies choose to submit information and advertising as online video.
A good video never occurs by chance. Good planning and an understanding of narrative and video editing improves your production significantly.


You will learn:

We go through the entire process of producing video; from idea to finished film. We begin by thinking about who is to say what, to whom - where. From there, we talk about script and go through some common storytelling models. We continue with reconnaissance of the shooting location and creation of storyboards. Technology, cameras, audio and lighting are cowered. Various video formats and resolutions are discussed. Students film their own scenes, which we then take into the computer and edit. We use either Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud or VideoPad for editing.

Structure of the course:

The program consists of both theory and practice. It is a course with wide content and relatively high pace.


Some topic points during the course:

  • Telling a story
  • Script
  • Reconnaissance of the shooting location
  • Different angles
  • Storyboard
  • Lights, Camera, action!
  • Recording
  • Tips for field work
  • Audio recording
  • Video Theory
  • Editing
  • Various programs for editing
  • Output formats