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Agile People – Leadership for Agile Culture

Rethink leadership! If you are looking for trends and modern ways of leadership and organizational development to meet the demand for never-ending innovation and creativity, this is the workshop for you.

Agile People is the concept of an agile mindset, agile values, principles and tools to improve work in a world where everything changes constantly. This two-day training in a workshop format immerses you to agile leadership.

Target audience

This agile leadership training is targeted for team leaders, line managers, project managers, scrum masters, business development managers and HR professionals in both the private and public sectors.

Agile Manifesto from year 2001 forms the foundation and the inspiration for this Agile People - Leadership for Agile Culture training. Agile is basically a way of thinking how organizations should respond to a complex and changing world. Increasingly developing flexibility and adaptability, working in short feedback loops, providing autonomy & transparency increase learning and value creation. Thus more and more organizations are now seeing the value of applying the agile mindset for leadership.

Agile leadership training is beneficial, e.g., when:

  • some parts of your business is today working according to agile principles while others don’t and that creates conflict in the organization 
  • you need to create better visibility for your future vision and for what is expected of your business, so that your strategy comes to life 
  • you need to find new and better ways than "carrot and stick" to create motivation for people to perform and be happy
  • you need hands-on tools to help you work together without suboptimization and internal competition
  • you realize that the employee engagement can always be improved and you want practical tools and ideas to make people more satisfied
  • you need new tools and principles that can help you change immediately. 

Contents of Agile People - Leadership for Agile Culture

Interactive agile leadership training including theory parts, discussions and many practical group exercises on critical leadership topics:

Provide motivation and energy

People are the most important asset of any organization, and managers must do all they can to keep employees motivated, creative and active.

  • To do this we look at motivation cards, which clarifies the priorities of 16 human motivators.

Give teams autonomy

Teams must be able to self-organize, and it requires trust, delegation and authorization.

  • Delegation Poker gives you support on what decisions are taken by whom and at what level.

Align constraints

How the organization’s goals and objectives are translated to employees’ daily activities.

  • Here we look at difference between KPIs, objectives, vision and strategy.

Develop competence

Teams can not reach their goals, if employees do not have the right skills.

  • This part gives you ideas for developing skills in new ways.

Grow structure

Many teams are working in a complex organization (internal or external), and therefore it is vital to facilitate communication between the different parts.

  • Here we play Meddlers game where we build a structure for an organization that is growing with more and more projects and clients.

Improve everything continuously

Employees, teams and organizations need to constantly improve in order to not fail.

  • We look at how we can lead the improvement work and what possible change perspectives.

* * * *

Theory, discussion and practice are mixed in this training. The first day begins with short introduction on how management has developed from the 1800s to today - and yet how companies today still cling to a traditional management approach towards employees (Taylorism and theory x). Since the world has changed and our organizations are exposed to very different demands today, old ways in many cases do not work. Focus is on comparing a more traditional way of working to modern way and see how we need to change work to be competitive.

Following that comes an overview of all the methods that are related to Lean and Agile, which provides a basic understanding of agile values and how leadership needs to change. A short section on complexity theory lays the foundation for a deep dive into agile leadership where the goal is to motivate and commit without carrots and sticks. Releasing people's intrinsic motivation requires expertise on what needs we have and how these can be satisfied on the job.

Lots of practical exercises and examples make this two day training a fun and action-packed experience that gives you a whole new perspective on what leadership is!

Timetable for agile leadership training

Training days begin at 9:00 and end at 16:00, morning coffee available from 8:30 am onwards.

Training card on this agile training

Those who pay with Tieturi's training card will be charged 3 training days.

Trainer on Leadership for Agile Culture training

The trainer, Pia-Maria Thorén, tells about her background:
I am a Certified Agile Master as well as a Certified IPMA and Prince2 Project manager and specialize in Biz/IT projects where I usually run the project from pre-study to implementation. Having seen the development from waterfall methods, via RUP to agile and lean, I will choose the appropriate mindset and tools for the assignment at hand. I am facilitator of a framework for agile leadership. My coaching assignments have been focused on people rather than technical methods and tools, and employee engagement and motivation is my preferred outcome when contributing with agile principles and motivational tools.