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26.11 – 27.11
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26.11 – 27.11
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Getting Started with Master Data Management (MDM)

Master Data Management (MDM) is one of the most priority areas in IT right now. Every day we see that we have inconsistency in our systems when we do our work, and many times we can not even perform our daily routines just because of these errors. For certain types of organizations, these inconsistencies can generate major consequences. The ultimate goal is to find and create our "Golden Records" for our "Things" in our businesses. In other words, to obtain a Master or a "single version of the truth" of a business entity. Common tasks within the MDM include:

• Find and remove duplicates
• Standardize data ...
• Introduce regulations that prevent inaccurate data from slip in into our systems.

Target audience

This course is aimed at professionals working with BI and Analytics


Preferably the student have at least one year experience of working with SQL and BI

Training material

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In this two-day instructor lead course you’ll learn the following:

Day 1
• Microsoft MDS Overview
• Import data to MDS
• The Staging process and the Staging tables
• Versioning

Day 2
• Implementing Business Rules
• Publish Data
• Maintaining master data from Excel
• Integrate Microsoft’s Data Quality Services with MDS