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19.8 – 20.8
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The course covers the basics of Node.js. After the course you will know how to use node.js as a server for your web application distributing static and dynamic content.

Web applications can be developed to various platforms. As clients become more and more heavily implemented with JavaScript it has become desirable to implement also the server at least partially with the same language. Node.js is surprisingly versatile platform for server-side JavaScript development.


The participants will learn how to use node.js as a server for their web application distributing static and dynamic content. Database connectivity from node.js is also covered as well as techniques for consuming services implemented on other platforms.


The track is aimed for programmers that need to transfer their skill set to web application development with node.js.


The participants should have a basic programming skills with JavaScript.


Day 1

Node.js JavaScript platform

  • Basic concepts
  • Modules overview
  • Installation and tools
  • IDE-support

Basic usage

  • Web-server with node.js
  • Event-driven model
  • Asynchronous I/O
  • express-module
  • bodyparser

Testing and monitoring

  • node.js testing frameworks
  • debugging
  • logging and monitoring

Database connectivity

  • Node.js database support
  • node-db


Day 2


  • Basic file access
  • File system watcher
  • Extension modules

Http requests

  • Request-module
  • Modifying request
  • Using the response


  • XML to JSON
  • Modules available
  • Consuming SOAP-web services

Custom modules

  • Understanding modules
  • Different module-techniques
  • Implementing node.js modules

Security features



The training begins at 9.00 and ends at 16.-16.30. Coffee and breakfast served since 8.30