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Git Basic

This course covers how to practially use Git, while also providing a solid foundation for how Git works under the hood. Abandon your CVS pushbike and board your new Git helicopter!

Target audience

Developers with either no prior experience of version control, or users of traditional(centralized) systems wanting to learn about distributed version control. 


Basic file management in Windows or Linux, good to be familiar with the command interface.

Training material

Courseware in English.

In the last several years, distributed version control has revolutionized the way we do development. Among the various DVCS offerings, Git is a popular, flexible and advanced open-source tool that increases team productivity as less time is spent on merge conflicts and branching becomes painless.


What's version control?

  • Why do we want it?

A quick history

  • Centralized vs distributed
  • Merging: a solution that turned into a problem

Walkthrough exercise I

  • init, add, commit
  • status, log, diff
  • branch, checkout, (simple) merge

Understanding the DAG

  • blobs, trees, commits
  • gitk
  • SHA hashes

Going distributed

  • Adding remotes to your project
  • A pull is a fetch and a merge
  • A centralized location?
  • Hosted git

Walkthrough exercise II

  • remote, clone, push, pull
  • resolving conflicts


  • The undesirability of merge commits
  • Rewriting history
  • The push/rebase tension

Walkthrough exercise III

  • commit --amend
  • rebasing a branch
  • pull --rebase
  • rebase --interactive


  • The index
  • The reflog
  • rm, mv
  • cherry-pick
  • reset
  • stash
  • Tags

Blogposts about Git

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