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Developing Single Page Web Applications with Java and Angular

In this course, student will learn to develop advanced web applications using Java 8 with Spring and Angular.

The focus will be on coding activities based on real-life examples showing how to use Java to create single page applications. Angular will be introduced and compared with Swing and JSP so the student know when each tool should/could be used.

Target audience

Candidates for this course are Java developers that wants to learn to create HTML5 based web applications.


Two to three years of experience developing Java based applications and some familiarity with the HTML languag

Training material

Digital reference material and labs


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create REST Controllers that interaction, update models, and select and return JSON data.
  • Describe what a REST API is and why developers might add a Spring MVC to an application.
  • Write JavaScript code that runs on the client-side and utilizes the Angular library to modify the web site.
  • Create Angular views that display and edit data and interact with server Controllers.
  • Create unit/system tests and debugging on server and client side.
  • Configure caching to reduce the network bandwidth used by an application and accelerate responses to user requests.
  • Create basic CSS for making a consistent look and feel.
  • Describe how to package and deploy a Spring boot web application.



Give an introduction for the students of the components in HTML5. So they will see an overview of features using single page design.

  • REST
  • MVC
  • HTML5
  • Javascript

Spring MVC

Introduce students to Spring controllers and the typical architects that an Single page application use. E.g. Controllers, Views, Models.

  • Spring boot
  • Spring load
  • Maven
  • Request Mapping/Param
  • Static content


The students will learn how Angular controllers relate to backend Spring controllers  and how to  define the Views used to display or edit data.

  • Data binding
  • Directive
  • Filter
  • Angular resource
  • Debug server/client
  • Bootstrap
  • Jquary/JSP/swing

Spring with Angular

The student will learn how to deploy a completed Spring Angular application to a web server for testing, staging, and production. The students also get to using profiling.

  • Server/client
  • Maven
  • Css
  • Exception handling
  • Package  deploying
  • Profiling