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Enterprise JavaBeans

This EJB 3 course is designed for experienced Java developers who wish to extend their knowledge to JEE middleware and who wish to get started with the new EJB 3 component model to develop Java Middleware applications.

Target audience

Experienced Java Developers who wants to learn Enterprise Java Beans 3.


Insight in J2EE and JEE5 is preferable. Good Java knowledge.

Training material

Course material in english.

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Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Set up the EJB environment
  • Develop session beans
  • Develop an entity, manage entity relationships and use Java Persistence API
  • Develop a message-driven bean
  • Process transactions

Course Outline:


  • Application architecture types
  • EJB application overview
  • Java EE overview
  • EJB 3 overview
  • Current server compliance and implementations
  • Workshop: Setting up development environment

Java EE Dependency injection

  • Dependency injection characteristics and reasons for using it
  • Components that can be injected
  • Components that can use injection

Session Bean

  • Session bean overview
  • Stateless session beans
  • Stateful session beans
  • Workshop: Creating stateless and stateful session beans

EJB Client applications

  • Client view
  • EJB client types
  • Building clients
  • Workshop: Creating different clients

Message-Driven Bean (MDB)

  • MDB Overview
  • Workshop: Working with message driven beans

EJB 3.0 Interceptors

  • Overview
  • Workshop: Working with interceptors


  • Entity Overview
  • Entity lifecycle
  • Design guidelines
  • Entity annotations

Java Persistence API (JPA)

  • JPA overview
  • Persistence Unit
  • Entity inheritance
  • Abstract entity classes
  • Using native SQL queries
  • Java Persistence API and Java SE
  • Workshop: EJB 3 entity and EntityManager API
  • Entity relationships overview
  • Workshop: Working with EJB Entity Relationships

Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL)

  • JPQL overview

Java EE Transactions

  • Java EE Transaction Overview
  • Container Managed Transactions
  • Bean Managed Transactions
  • Workshop: Working with transactions

Java EE design patterns

  • Overview
  • MVC
  • Access object
  • Session façade
  • Other good patterns

Extra workshops

  • Workshop: EJB 3 bean without tools
  • Workshop: EJB 3.0 timer model and callbacks


"Mycket kompetent och trevlig lärare med lätt att lära ut så man förstår och även läsa in vad eleverna inte förstår." 
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