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Universal Windows Applications

This course provides the delegate with necessary knowledge of Universal Windows Applications. After the course the participant understands different flavors of UWP-applications and will be able to implement UWP-applications whose UI is described with XAML. Game development with DirectX is outside the scope of this course.

With Universal Windows Platform (UWP) you may develop applications with single code base to devices from smartphones.  and tablets to desktop.  Applications of course target Windows 10, regardless of the device. Development on UWP can be done with C++ or C# and even with JavaScript.


The course targets programmers already familiar with .NET programming with C# and are now starting to develop UWP-applications.



1. Day


9.00 Understanding UWP

- Architecture

- UWP-platforms and devices

- Languages

- Visual Studio


Getting started

- Hello world

- XAML and Code Behind

- Application properties



- XAML and databinding

- Routed events

- Working with collections



- Navigation-model of UWP-application

- Implementing navigation


16.00 day ends


2 . Day


9.00 Ui-techniques

- UI-design guidelines

- Copy-paste and drag and drop

- Using graphics and multimedia

- Working with animations

- Briefing to advanced UI-techiques



- Multithreaded concepts

- async methods


Accessing user data

- Accessing user-directories

- Operating with files

- Contacts and Calendar


Accessing remote data

- Briefing to web services

- SOAP and XML



16.00 day ends


3. Day


9.00 Application lifecycle

- Lifecycle events

- Suspend - Resume


Accessing the device

- Device capabilities

- Sensors

- Camera

- Location and maps



- Overview of security techniques on UWP


Distributing apps

- Packaging

- Installing

- Publishing process


16.00 course ends