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Perl Programming (Beginner to Intermediate)

Perl is a dynamically typed, widely used programming language that is highly versatile. Traditionally used in system administration, web development, and database programming, it has been a key part of many a software designer toolkits over the last twenty years.


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  • History of perl, perl's UNIX roots
  • Hello World, a trivial perl script
  • System administration with perl
  • cgi (common gateway interface) and the data-driven Internet
  • Perl's culture of Test Driven Design (TDD)
  • The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN)
  • Perl on multiple platforms: Windows, OS X, embedded Linux
  • Perl's Meta Object model and Moose
  • Modern Perl, best practices for modern software development
  • Perl 6, concurrent, multi-dispatch, object oriented perl for the next 50 years

The course offer a combination of theory and hands on. There will be lots of code shown, as well as examples. Various resources will be introduced, like perl's own documentation system so that those who attend will be able to be productive in perl quickly.

1. Perl in system administration

a. perl as a central part of many linux distros, like ubuntu
b. scripting system tools
d. perl one liners

2. Perl in web development

a. CGI scripts
b. Moving from scripts to object oriented code
c. Connecting to a database
d. Using libraries and the CPAN

3. Modern perl

a. Using libraries for GTK, clutter, sdl, Qt, etc.
b. Meta Object Model and Moose
c. Perl6

The course may also be delivered as inhouse training as;

  • Lecture/Seminar - ½ day (up to 45 participants) - (at client premises)
  • Workshop with deeper examples - 1 day - (up to 12 participants) - (at client premises)


Course schedule

The course begins at 9.00 and ends around 16.-16.30. Breakfast is served 8.30 onwards.