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Sharepoint Online Technical Design, Architecture and Best Practice Administration

This five-day instructor-led will provide delegates with knowledge and skills to design, deploy and manage a Sharepoint Online architecture using best practice principals.

The primary audience is IT professionals with experience of Office 365, who want to learn best practice design, deployment, configuration and administration of SharePoint Online.


Target audience

The primary audience is IT professionals with experience of Office 365, who want to learn best practice design, deployment, configuration and administration of SharePoint Online.


  • Basic understanding of 'cloud' concepts
  • Experience with Office 365 core components such as user IDs
  • Familiarity with SharePoint use either Office 365 or on premise. Delegates should have knowledge and experience of basic SharePoint concepts such as sites, pages, lists, libraries, basic features and have the skills to navigate through a basic site interface. Delegates can gain this knowledge by attending QA's 'Microsoft SharePoint Online End User Level 1' course.
  • Experience with PowerShell
  • Experience with traditional collaboration methods such as email and file sharing

Delegates will learn how to

Thorough knowledge of the components of Sharepoint Online including comparison of modern and classic sites and related functionality

  • Sharepoint Online Administration via GUI, Sharepoint Online Powershell and PNP Powershell
  • Technical Guidance for designing and deploying best practice Information architecture site hierarchies, scalable navigation structures and company taxonomies.
  • Thorough understanding of Modern Team & Communication Sites vs Classic sites and available PnP modernization tools and guidance.
  • Best practice security for both internal and external user sharing including securing Modern team site creation and guest access via Office 365 Group and Office 365 Teams management
  • ECM design and deployment including content types, document sets, content organizer and document ID’s
  • Sharepoint Online records management capabilities
  • Sharepoint Online integration with IRM
  • Sharepoint Online Apps concepts, deployment and management
  • Sharepoint Online Social features including bulk profile photo management and Delve concepts, best practice and configuration
  • Sharepoint Online Search concepts and best practice configuration including schema management, result sources, query rules to build user centric search solutions, result types and display templates
  • Sharepoint Online Data Import and Sharepoint Online Migration tools and best practice
  • Sharepoint Online Monitoring and Reporting for both auditing, compliance and user adoption assessment


Module 1 Sharepoint Online Concepts Subscriptions and Administration

  • Lab 1.1 Sign Up for an Office 365 E3 trial and create Sample Users
  • Lab 1.2 Sharepoint Online Management Shell and PNP Powershell

Module 2 Sharepoint Online Sites and Navigation

  • Lab 2.1 Creating and Managing Classic and Modern Sites
  • Lab 2.2 Office 365 Groups and Teams Management
  • Lab 2.3 Managing Site Collection Navigation
  • Lab 2.4 Search Driven Navigation
  • Lab 2.5 Configuring Hub Sites

Module 3 Sharepoint Online Content Management

  • Lab 3.1 Sharepoint Content Types
  • Lab 3.2 Sharepoint Content Types Search Verticals
  • Lab 3.3 Term Driven Navigation

Module 4 Sharepoint Online Records Management

  • Lab 4.1 Sharepoint Online Records Center

Module 5 Sharepoint Online Permissions

  • Lab 5.1 Sharepoint Online Security

Module 6 Sharepoint Online External Sharing

  • Lab 6.1 Sharepoint and OneDrive External Sharing

Module 7 Sharepoint Online Information Rights Management

  • Lab 7.1 Sharepoint Online IRM

Module 8 SharePoint Online Apps Management

  • Lab 8.1 Sharepoint Online Apps Management

Module 9 Sharepoint Online Social Features

  • Lab 9.1 Managing Sharepoint User Profiles
  • Lab 9.2 Delve Configuration

Module 10 Sharepoint Online Search

  • Lab 10.1 Sharepoint Online Search, Result Sources and Query Rules

Module 11 Sharepoint Online Monitoring and Reporting

  • Lab 11.1 Sharepoint Online Monitoring and Reporting

Module 12 Sharepoint Online Migration and Data Import