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Office 365 - Collect and Store: OneDrive, Groups and Forms

This course is part of a series focussing on using Office 365 apps in the working environment. Office 365 provides multiple apps and methods enabling the collection and storage of documents, feedback and other information. In this course, OneDrive for Business, Groups and the Microsoft Forms app are used to demonstrate how they can be used to gather documents and information for business use. The apps are accessed through a web browser.

This course compliments other QA courses including: Office 365 Collaborate, Office 365 Communicate and Office 365 Connect. Search Office 365 at qa.com for a full list of other app courses.

Target audience

Office 365 users who need to collect and subsequently access documents and other files from anywhere via OneDrive for Business, Groups, Outlook or by collecting information using the Microsoft Forms app.


Familiarity with Microsoft Office including Outlook


  • Access and navigate OneDrive for Business
  • Add content using different methods to OneDrive for Business
  • Edit and share content using OneDrive for Business
  • Understand Groups
  • Create Groups and add content
  • Combine Groups and Outlook
  • Collaborate with Groups
  • Create surveys, questionnaires and quizzes using Microsoft Forms
  • Share Forms and collate responses

Course Outline:

Module 1: Working with OneDrive for Business

  • Topic A – What is OneDrive for Business?
  • Topic B – Navigating around OneDrive and Uploading Documents
  • Topic C – Organising Content in OneDrive
  • Topic D – Using the Office Online Apps
  • Topic E – Sharing Documents with OneDrive
  • Topic F – Emailing Attachments from OneDrive

Module 2: Using Groups to Collect and Collaborate

  • Topic A – Introduction to Groups
  • Topic B – Creating Groups and Setting Options
  • Topic C – Adding Content to Groups
  • Topic D – Time Based Content with Outlook and Groups
  • Topic E – Collaboration using Groups
  • Topic F – Managing Groups and Content as an Owner

Module 3: Microsoft Forms App

  • Topic A – Microsoft Forms Overview
  • Topic B – Creating Forms and Adding Questions
  • Topic C – Quizzes
  • Topic D – Sharing a Group Form
  • Topic E – Collating Responses

Module training style – Tutor led with delegate participation and hands on demonstrations. Topics can be delivered as a standalone event or combined with other Office 365 QA authored modular topics.