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Office 365 - Outlook Group and Planner

Welcome to Microsoft Office 365 and the Planner application. This course describes all the key features and benefits of using this planning tool and its integration with Microsoft Outlook.


Before attending this course, delegates should have basic knowledge of how to use a computer and how to use the internet. Basic Keyboard and mouse skills are required. Some knowledge of Office 365 is useful, but not essential as an overview will be covered.


  • Explore the general environment of Microsoft Planner Office 365.
  • Use the key functionality of Planner, alongside linking with other applications such as Mail, Calendars and Notebook.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Microsoft Planner Overview

  • Sign in to Microsoft Planner
  • Navigate around Planner

Module 2: Creating a Plan / Group

  • Creating a Plan Group in Planner
  • Open an Existing Plan
  • Privacy Options
  • Add People to a Plan

Module 3: Using Buckets and Tasks

  • Using Buckets
  • Creating Tasks
  • Move Tasks into Buckets
  • View your Personal Tasks

Module 4: Add Additional Task Details

  • Add Task Start and Due Dates
  • Assign People to Tasks
  • Comment on a Task
  • Attach Files or Links to a Task
  • Checklists
  • Post It Tabs
  • Set a Preview Picture for a Task
  • Update Progress on a Task

Module 5: Managing Plans

  • Mark a Plan as a Favorite
  • Set up Email for Tasks
  • Subscribe to the Plan

Module 6: Viewing and Managing Tasks in the Board and Charts View

  • Re-Assigning Tasks
  • View Late Tasks

Module 7: Mail and Calendar

  • Groups in Outlook Mail
  • Conversations
  • Calendars

Module 8: Share Files with the Other Members of your Plan

  • Sharing Files with the Members of your Plan

Module 9: The Plan Notebook

  • Using Notebook