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TOGAF Awareness eLearning

This TOGAF awareness course is designed to equip you with all the need-to-know knowledge about The Open Group’s TOGAF standard.

Completing this online course will leave you aware, confident and informed about what the TOGAF standard is, its background, how it works and what it can do for you and your organization.

Target audience

You should take this course if you are in a role where you need to understand TOGAF, its content, context, activities and benefits, but you do not need to be a certified practitioner

• You have a group of sponsors, decisionmakers or stakeholders that need to be aware of the value, and benefits of Enterprise Architecture and/or TOGAF

• You need to ‘sell’ TOGAF internally within your organization

• You want to know more about the TOGAF standard before committing to the full Foundation training and examination


This course contains no formal examination, although there are 4 quizzes distributed over the course to help you retain knowledge and check your understanding at key moments.

Training material



The course is split into four modules that each cover one of the main areas. These are:

• Introduction – An introduction to key terms and the reasons for using TOGAF

• The Detail – More information on models and frameworks used 

• The Benefits – What are the business advantages of using the TOGAF framework 

• Benefits per stakeholder – more specifically, the benefits for different scenarios


The purpose of the Awareness course is to brief you (or other decision-makers and stakeholders) about the TOGAF standard to the depth that you deem necessary. 

Completing Module One (“An Introduction”) will give you a good grounding in what the TOGAF standard is, and why it is important. It will enable you to confidently discuss the TOGAF standard and its content with others, or brief other participants or potential sponsors about the importance and value of such a framework to the business. 

If more technical detail is required, the student can then complete Module Two (“The Detail”). 

Module Three (“The Benefits”) offers a much closer look at the potential benefits of employing the TOGAF standard.

In Module Four (“The Benefits per Stakeholder”) you will have the opportunity to further investigate the activities  and benefits of the standard according to role