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19.6 – 20.6
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19.6 – 20.6
Finnish Finnish


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IPMA C Certification Preparation Training in English

This training prepares you for passing the IPMA C level certificate test. Achieving the IPMA C level certification requires that you successful pass a theory test and a workshop. This training prepares you for the both parts of IPMA C level test. 

This training is targeted for experienced project management professionals, who want to demonstrate their competence in this field by passing the valued IPMA C certification test. In this training the participants will receive useful knowledge and skills linked to the subjects covered in the theory test and the workshop.

Target audience

Project Management professionals, that have general experiences of project planning, project execution and related methods. Persons that want to prove these skills through the internationally recognized IPMA C level certificate.


The following documentation is recommended as preparatory literature: James P. Lewis (2006) Fundamentals of Project Management, ISBN 978-0814408797

Karlos Artto, Kai Koskinen, Kalle Kähkönen (1999): Managing business by projects, vol 1 & 2, ISBN (vol 1): 951-22-4671-6, 639 p. ISBN; (vol 2): 951-22-4672-4, 643-1298 p.

Participants are recommended to get acquainted with the C-level testing requirements and the related application. This material includes the National Competence Baseline 3.0, the Project experience form and the self-assessment form. The application form as well as the more detailed application guidance can be found at the Project Management Association of Finland web-page, www.pry.fi. The course participants should have prior experience of working as a project manager.

Training material

The training course is run in English or in Finnish - see the flag next to the training date.

View IPMA C certification preparation training description in Finnish.

Content of IPMA C training

  • The certification process
  • Project Management
  • Run-through of preparatory questions
  • The establishment of objectives and phases
  • Project breakdowns
  • Task durations and work-load estimation
  • Schedule Network Analysis and scheduling techniques
  • Resource planning and management
  • Cost planning and management
  • Earned Value Management technique
  • Risk management
  • Project reporting, execution and organisation
  • Practice test

The certification test is organized by an independent third party (PRY). The certification test is not included in the training, each participant has to apply him/herself at www.pry.fi.

Schedule of IPMA C certificate training

The training days are 9.00 am - 4.00 pm. Morning coffee available from 8.30 am.