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You will receive a basic understanding of project management and an overview of the core technical, behavioral and organizational competencies required for successful project management. The training will provide you with basic project planning skills and a good insight into the main elements of the IPMA D certification test.

After the training you will be well prepared for the passing of the test. Please note that Tieturi does not organize the test, in order to register go to www.pry.fi.

Target audience

Specialists who aspire to get deeper knowledge of project management practices and are interested in an international IPMA D level certification.


The following documentation is recommended as preparatory literature:

  • The National Competence Baseline (available at www.pry.fi, click IPMA Certification, click Getting Certified)
  • IPMA Certified Individual´s Ethical Instructions (available at www.pry.fi, click IPMA Certification, click Getting Certified)
  • James P. Lewis (2006) Fundamentals of Project Management, ISBN 978-0814408797

Course is held in English if anybody requires it, otherwise it is in Finnish.

IPMA D is the first level training in IPMA certifications. Previous project management experience is not required, but having experience in participating in a project supports learning.

Program of IPMA D Certification Preparation Training

  • Introduction
  • The certification process
  • Project Management
  • The establishment of objectives and phases
  • Project breakdowns
  • Task durations, work-load estimation and network charting
  • Resource planning
  • Cost planning
  • Earned Value Management technique
  • Risk management
  • Project reporting, execution and organization

Schedule of IPMA D certificate training

The training day is 9.00 am - 4.00 pm. Morning coffee available from 8.30 am.