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TCP/IP Dive Deep PowerClass

This in-depth and comprehensive TCP/IP Dive Deep PowerClass provides a deep dive and thorough explanation of the TCP/IP protocol suite, as well a detailed explanation of its core concepts, mechanism and protocols.

The training briefly covers important background material and then jumps into a complete dissection of OSI Reference Model, describes each model layer individually.

About the course

The Course describes important protocols extensively and thoroughly, along with subprotocols, compression, encryption, addressing, datagram encapsulation and routing. The TCP/IP Dive Deep PowerClass includes detailed explanation of important protocols associated to IP, routing and Transport protocols as well as comprehensive explanation of essential and important DNS, E-Mail and Web protocols and mechanisms.

It covers and demystifies extremely vital security-related topics such as IPSec, PPTP, L2TP and others. The exclusive and intensive TCP/IP Dive Deep PowerClass brings real world networking configuration and examples, deep and thorough explanations or core networking protocols and standards. A must-have course for serious networking and cloud engineers, administrators, network architects and designers, security professionals and software engineers.

Target audience

The primary audience for this course are IT professionals, networking and cloud engineers, administrators, network architects and designers, security professionals and software engineers or professionals responsible for designing, installing, configuring, and maintaining TCP/IP networks.

This course is intended for anyone who wants to get detailed and comprehensive knowledge of networking and TPC/IP protocol suite – the pillars of modern on-premises, cloud and internet communications.


In addition to their professional experience, students who attend this training should already have the following technical knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP networking.
  • Working knowledge with Operating Systems in networked environments.

Training material

The course material is in English.

TCP/IP Dive Deep PowerClass course content

• Networking Fundamentals
• The Open System Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model

• TCP/IP Protocol Suite and Architecture
- Protocols, Layers, Ports, Sockets, Devices

• Network Interface Layer (OSI Data Link Layer) Protocols
- Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

• Network Interface Protocols
- Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
- Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)

• Internet Layer (OSI Network Layer) Protocols
- Internet Protocol (IPv4, IPv6)
- Addressing (IPv4, IPv6)
- IP-Related Protocols (IP NAT, IPSec, Mobile IP)
- Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP/ICMPv4 and ICMPv6)
- Routing Protocols (Concepts, Interior and Exterior Protocols - RIP, OSPF, IGRP, EIGRP, BGP, EGP, IS-IS)

• Transport Layer Protocols (TCP, UDP)
- Connections, Mechanisms
- Flow Controlo Performance
- Sockets

• Multicasting

• IP Switching, MPLS

• Name Registration and Name Resolution
- Name System Concepts
- Host Tables and Domain Name System (DNS, DNSSEC)

• Network Configuration and Management Protocols
- Host Configuration Protocols (BOOTP and DHCP)
- Network Management Framework and Protocols (SNMP)

• Key Applications and Application Protocols
- Uniform Resource Identifiers, Locators and Names (URIs, URLs and URNs)
- File and Message Transfer Applications and Protocols (FTP, TFTP, E-Mail, HTTP/WWW)

• Security
- Virtual Private Networking and Protocols (PPTP, L2TP)
- IPSec



The course begins at 9.00 and ends around 16-16.30. Coffee is served at 8.30.

About the teacher

Sasha Kranjac, Security- & Azure Expert with Informator Utbildning

Sasha (Sasa) Kranjac is an internationally recognized Security and Azure Specialist and Instructor with more than two decades of experience in the field. He began programming in Assembler on Sir Clive Sinclair’s ZX, met Windows NT 3.5 and the love exists since then. Sasha can be found speaking at conferences or delivering Microsoft, EC-Council, both official and his own courses worldwide. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, EC-Council Instructor and Microsoft MCT Regional Lead.