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Windows Cyber Security Road Trip - Helsinki

Microsoft Most Valued Professional Hasain Alshakarti will bring this unique hands-on lab to Helsinki in June 2017!

All aspects of Windows Enterprise Security from cyber threats to defense mechanisms.

A Windows oriented master class, developed and presented by one of the world’s foremost expert in security in the Windows platform, Hasain Alshakarti.

This unique hands-on lab will teach IT Pro's and IT Managers how to defend and secure a modern Windows environment using the latest and greatest built-in features, components and tools.

By participating in this training, you will fully
understand the threats of today, and be able to implement security controls that are proven to effectively detect, protect and mitigate cyber threats in your Microsoft infrastructure.

Target audience

This course is intended for Information Technology (IT) Professionals, architects and developers that wants to further develop knowledge and skills to build Windows Enterprise Security.


General Active Directory experience and knowledge.
General Windows Systems experience and knowledge.

Training material

• Student manual
• Tools & Documents


By taking this course you will be able to fully understand the threats of today and implement security controls that are proven to effectively defend your Microsoft infrastructure in the real world. World leading expert Hasain Alshakarti, enterprise Security MVP, will share tools, tactics, strategies and notes from the field.

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In this course, we will cover the latest features, tools and components that are available for defending your windows infrastructure and preventing cybercriminals from successfully compromising your systems and data.

The expert will share the tactics and techniques that they have implemented in government agencies, financial institutions and premier enterprises around the world.

By taking this course you will be armed with all the tools and knowledge needed to effectively defend your Windows infrastructure.

Module 1: Introduction
• Intelligence report - The latest features, tools and techniques from the field.
• Windows enterprise hardeing strategies.

Module 2: System hardening
• Security Policy configuration, security compliance and enterprise distribution • System Security update strategies - Patch management • Implementing Applocker in the real world • Bitlocker & Data Protection • Virtualization-based Security • Device Guard • Windows Defender ATP

Module 3: Enterprise Authentication, authorization & Identity Protection • PKI-based authentication • Virtual Smartcards, smartscards • Authentication Mechanism Assurance • Active Directory authentication strategies • Kerberos Only – Authentication Policies and Silos • Restrict NTLM • Protected Users • Fine grained Password policies • Managed service accounts • Claims based authentication • Active Directory Federation Services • Dynamic access control • Isolated User Mode – Credential Guard • Windows Hello & Passport Credentials • Remote Credential Guard

Module 4: Secure systems administration
• WinRM & Powershell remoting
• Just Enough Administration - JEA
• Secure RDP
• Privileged Access Management – PAM & JIT • Securing Privileged Access

Module 5: Network security
• IPSEC Based Segmentation
• Domain isolation
• Server/service isolation
• Advanced firewall
• DirectAccess

Module 6: Auditing
• Advanced auditing
• Advanced Threat Analytics - ATA


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