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Customer Service Management CSM Fundamentals

When customers have problems, they expect fast resolution and a simple engagement process. They prefer multiple engagement methods from self-service online to direct engagement with service agents over their choice of phone, email, or chat, etc. To provide the highest levels of service, your agents need real-time metrics and real-time collaboration mechanisms that just aren’t available through traditional tools.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management is different. We give your customers a portal that delivers an effortless self-service experience. Our approach connects people, workflow, and processes to engage across departments in case management and resolution. We improve efficiency with automation that gives agents visibility into the health of customer systems, and tools for performing root cause analyses to deliver preemptive service. The result is customer service that is effortless, connected, and proactive.

Target audience

This course is designed for consultants and implementers who plan to deploy the Customer Service Management application. Other roles include administrators or key team members who want to gain an understanding how CSM should be implemented at their organization.


  • ServiceNow System Administrator or ServiceNow Fundamentals
  • SAIF
  • ServiceNOW Platform Implementation

Upon Completion You Will Be Able To

A combination of lecture content and lab work helps attendees achieve the following:

  • Setting up CSM – users, roles and groups
  • Engaging with customers through cases, phone, email and chat
  • Common technical aspects of an implementation as well as processes to effectively manage an implementation
  • Develop a holistic view of all team roles and responsibilities for CSM
  • Connecting customers with your agents to implement a seamless service experience
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Portal Management for CSM