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Informatica PowerCenter 10 Developer Level 2

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Päivämäärä: 9.5
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PowerCenter 10: Developer, Level 2 complements and extends the PowerCenter 10: Developer, Level 1 class with advanced topics and extended labs. This course can be delivered through a four-day instructor led format or through our onDemand offering, which is comprised of 13 modules and 10 labs.

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Informatica PowerCenter 10 Developer Level 1

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Päivämäärä: 25.4
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The course will introduce attendees to working with the PowerCenter Designer, Workflow Manager, and Workflow Monitor tools, performing tasks such as creating transformations, mappings, reusable objects, sessions and workflows to extract, transform and load data. They will develop cleansing, formatting, sorting and aggregating procedures. They can learn how to use routers, update strategies, parameters /variables and overrides. This course will cover many different types of lookups, such as cached, persistent, dynamic and multiple row returns. Workflow tasks will be created to define a set of instructions for executing the ETL.

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Informatica PowerCenter 10 Administrator

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With PowerCenter 10: Administration, learn to administer the Informatica PowerCenter 10 Platform, describe the Informatica 10 architecture, install the platform, configure add and manage services. You will also learn to define and set up platform best practices for users, user, privileges, roles, and permissions. Students are provided with the fundamental knowledge and skills to maintain an Informatica PowerCenter environment. Focused on teaching individuals how to use the Informatica Administrator tool to maintain the required environment.

After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe core administration tasks and tools
  • Configure the Informatica Administrator tool
  • Create and configure necessary services
  • Plan and implement a backup strategy
  • Manage Informatica security
  • Audit security access and privileges
  • Perform ongoing maintenance
  • Stop or recycle a service
  • Review domain logs
  • Perform license management
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