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Cisco Digital Network Architecture Installation & Configuration

Cisco DNA Arhitecture Installation and Configuration is a 4-day course that goes through all the theory, all the components, all the connections and all the configurations that are needed to get Cisco DNA -based SD-Access network up and running. Course participants are divided into groups of two and each group will have a full-blown network containing DNA Center, ISE, WLC, Border Node, Control Plane Node, DDI server, two sites with both Fabric Edge Node and Fabric Enabled AP and enough client devices for testing. This is the most detailed, most comprehensive course that there is related to this new Cisco technology.

Ch1: Recap of the DNA Architecture components and techniques

Ch2: Building the Underlay

Lab: Manual building of the underlay on core node, border, edge etc. for one site (other is preserved for PnP)

  • IP addressing, IS-IS, BFD, BGP etc.

Ch3: DNAC, ISE and DDI initial configuration

  • Lab: Creating site topology, parametrization and addressing
  •  Lab: AD and ISE integration
  •  Lab: ISE and DNAC integration
  •  Lab: DDI and DNAC integration

Ch4: Creating the Fabric

  • Lab: Setup sites, buildings and floors
  • Lab: Setup global and site settings
  • Lab: Setup IP address pools
  • Lab: Provisioning edge node with P'n'P for one site
  • Lab: Claiming the devices
  • Lab: Creating the fabric
  • Lab: Setup host onboarding

Ch5: Defining overlay networks (macrosegmentation)

  • Lab: Creating a VN in DNAC
  • Lab: Connecting VN to outside world
  • Lab: Defining access policies in DNAC
  • Lab: Testing client traffic
  • Lab: L2 VN

Ch6: Defining microsegmentation

  • Lab: Creating SGT Groups in ISE
  • Lab: Creating VN for endpoints in DNAC
  • Lab: Connecting VN to outside world
  • Lab: Testing client traffic
  • Lab: Manage SGT-SGT based group policies

Ch7: Fabric WLAN

  • Lab: Configuring underlay for Fabric WLAN
  • Lab: Preparing WLC <-> DNAC connection
  • Lab: Configuring WLC for Fabric WLAN
  • Lab: Configuring DNAC for Fabric WLAN
  • Lab: Discovering and provisioning APs
  • Lab: Testing Fabric WLAN

Ch8: Miscellaneous issues

  • Software Image Maintenance (SWIM) and Software Image Update (SMU)
  • Lab: Change SW images

Application policies

  • Lab: Creation of application policies
  • Lab: Application policy verification

Command runner

  • Device templates
  • Lab: Using device templates

DNA Center platform

Ch9: DNA Center Assurance

  • Lab: Telemetry configuration
  • Lab: Assurance dashboard
  • Lab: Client 360 view and troubleshooting

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Santa Monica Networks Finland Oy is responsible for running this course. Course will be held in Espoo, Leppävaara.

Training card prices or other pricing contracts are not applicable for this course. The course will be held in cooperation with Santa Monica Networks.