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AI Fundamentals for Security Professionals




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This is an official ISACA course, it introduces you to the fundamental topics of Artificial Intelligence (AI), essential for every security professional, a growing and rapidly changing field that is becoming increasingly vital to business survival, job stability, and national security.

The ISACA Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Certificate is intended for a wide-range of individuals, including:

  • IT Audit, Risk, Security and Governance professionals looking to gain a fundamental understanding of emerging technology knowledge and skills.
  • Those new to IT, students, recent graduates and career changers looking to differentiate themselves from other job candidates.
  • Current IT Professionals looking to upskill to broaden their IT knowledge and skills or keep up-to-date with emerging technologies.

This course is not a technical security course and does not cover generative AI ‘prompt’ security engineering.

Session 1 Learning Objectives

  • Explain the basics of AI
  • Describe properties of AI
  • Identify resource requirements for adopting AI
  • Articulate expert systems (e.g., temporal reasoning, logic and inference)
  • Distinguish machine learning models (e.g., decision trees, regression models, Bayesian)

Session 2 Learning Objectives

  • Describe machine learning algorithms (e.g., supervised learning, unsupervised learning, deep learning)
  • Describe enterprise usage of artificial intelligence (e.g., RPA, log analysis, image processing, NLP, fraud detection, cybersecurity, healthcare)
  • Identify consumer usage of artificial intelligence (e.g., autonomous vehicles, digital assistants, freelance mobile marketplace)
  • Identify risks associated with artificial intelligence (e.g., cybersecurity, privacy, data loss)
  • Articulate ethical dilemmas in artificial intelligence (e.g., privacy, bias, nefarious usage)

No prequisites

Course Topics Include:

Session 1 Topics:

  • Properties of Artificial Intelligence Condensed version
  • Resource Requirements for Adopting AI
  • Expert Systems
  • Machine Learning Models

Session 2 Topics:

  • Statistical Modeling
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Enterprise Usage of Artificial Intelligence
  • Consumer Usage of Artificial Intelligence
  • Risks Associated with Artificial Intelligence
  • Ethics in Artificial Intelligence