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AWS Well-Architected Best Practices


1 päivä

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The AWS Well-Architected Best Practices course will help you learn a consistent approach to evaluate architectures and implement designs from a live instructor. You’ll learn how to use the Well-Architected Review process and the AWS Well-Architected Tool to conduct reviews to identify high risk issues (HRIs). In this 1-day, classroom training course, you’ll learn to apply the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework—operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization—to understand the impact of design decisions. You’ll apply what you’ve learned during the course to each pillar of the Well-Architected Framework through tutorials, hands-on labs, discussions, demonstrations, presentations, and group exercises.

  • Identify the Well-Architected Framework features, design principles, design pillars, and common uses
  • Apply the design principles, key services, and best practices for each pillar of the Well-Architected Framework
  • Use the Well-Architected Tool to conduct Well-Architected Reviews
  • And much more

Who should take this course
  • Solutions architects
  • DevOps engineers
  • Technical professionals involved in managing, architecting, building, and operating AWS solutions