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Azure Support Engineer Troubleshooting Azure Connectivity




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Networking is essential, particularly when you have cloud-based assets. This course covers the different connectivity issues that a network engineer will typically encounter, and the troubleshooting steps to resolve these issues. Audience Profile As an Azure network support engineer, you understand that business data is valuable, and needs to be protected from internal and external risks. When you encounter problems with backing up or recovery, you need to know how to approach the problem. In this module, you will learn how to monitor the status of backups, review logs, and troubleshoot common issues that occur when backing up and recovering data.

Experience with networking and with hybrid environments, including knowledge of routing, permissions, and account limits

Troubleshoot business continuity with Microsoft Azure Businesses rely on data and if systems fail, data backups must be reliable so that data can be recovered. This module covers some of the issues you may encounter when troubleshooting Azure backup and recovery. Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Troubleshoot backup issues with Microsoft Azure
  • Troubleshoot recovery issues with Microsoft Azure
  • Exercise: Troubleshoot business continuity issues
  • Knowledge check
  • Summary

Troubleshoot name resolution issues in Microsoft Azure Name resolution is the process of matching the name of a computer to its network address. This module looks at name resolution issues for public networks, private networks, and internal networks that connect to Azure. Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Azure name resolution issues
  • Troubleshoot public DNS in Microsoft Azure
  • Troubleshoot name resolution issues
  • Exercise: Name resolution issues
  • Knowledge check
  • Summary

Troubleshoot cloud and hybrid connectivity in Microsoft Azure Troubleshooting cloud and hybrid connectivity includes Microsoft ExpressRoute, Azure virtual networks, and Azure Virtual WAN. This module enables you to manage and troubleshoot different network configurations to support your organization’s needs. Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Set up a troubleshooting environment
  • Troubleshoot ExpressRoute connectivity
  • Troubleshoot virtual network connectivity in Microsoft Azure
  • Troubleshoot virtual WAN issues in Microsoft Azure
  • Exercise: Troubleshoot cloud and hybrid connectivity
  • Knowledge check
  • Summary

Troubleshoot platform-as-a-service issues in Microsoft Azure To benefit from Azure PaaS services, you must be able to troubleshoot connectivity issues quickly and effectively both from an on-premises user to an Azure PaaS service and between PaaS services. Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Troubleshoot Azure Storage
  • Troubleshoot Azure Private Link connectivity problems and firewalls for virtual machines
  • Troubleshoot Content Delivery Network issues with Microsoft Azure
  • Troubleshoot connections between virtual machines in Microsoft Azure
  • Troubleshoot integration of virtual machines with virtual networks in Microsoft Azure
  • Exercise: Troubleshoot virtual machine connection
  • Exercise: Resolve virtual machine connection
  • Knowledge check
  • Summary

Troubleshoot authentication and access control issues in Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure has a sophisticated authentication and access control system to provide high security. Azure Active Directory (AD) authentication includes Self-service password reset, multifactor authentication, hybrid integration, and passwordless authentication. Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Troubleshoot Azure AD authentication
  • Troubleshoot hybrid authentication in Microsoft Azure
  • Troubleshoot authorization issues with Microsoft Azure
  • Demo: Troubleshoot authentication and access control issues
  • Knowledge check
  • Summary