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Comparing Values

This three-hour course is for power users who want to learn how to compare field values using eval functions and eval expressions. Topics will focus on using the comparison and conditional functions of the eval command, and using eval expressions with the fieldformat and where commands.






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▪ Using eval to Compare

▪ Filtering with where

To be successful, students should have a solid understanding of the following:

▪ How Splunk works

▪ Creating search queries

Topic 1 - Using eval to Compare

▪ Understand the eval command

▪ Explain evaluation functions

▪ Identify and use comparison and conditional functions

▪ Use the fieldformat command to format field values

Topic 2

- Filtering with where

Use the where command to filter results

▪ Use wildcards with the where command

▪ Filter fields with the information functions, isnull and isnotnull

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