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Developing Application Business Rules with Red Hat Decision Manager Virtual Training


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Introduction to authoring and deploying business rules with Red Hat Decision Manager.

Red Hat Decision Manager is an open source business automation platform for business rules management that facilitates business policy and rules development, access, and management. Decision Manager includes a fast and highly efficient rules engine and easy-to-use rules development tools and management system. In this course, you will learn how to author, test, and debug business rules, how to generate rule packages, and how Decision Manager’s runtime environment executes rules using both drools and Decision Model Notation (DMN).

This course is based on Red Hat Decision Manager 7.9.

Course Topics

  • Author rules with guided decision tables.
  • Implement test-driven rule design using Business Central.
  • Implement advanced rule field constraints with Drools Rule Language (DRL).
  • Execute rules using the KIE API.
  • Resolve rule conflicts with rule flow attributes.
  • Author decisions with Decision Model Notation.
  • Define rules for complex event processing.

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to use the concepts in this course to simplify and more efficiently manage and automate their application’s business rules. Through hands-on experience, you will learn how to create automated business decisions and integrate those rules engines into enterprise applications.

Impact on the organization

Only 37% of most typical business processes have been digitized. By automating, adapting, and redesigning business rules, organizations can modernize their portfolio, empower employees, engage customers, and innovate their products. At the center of running and designing process driven apps are Red Hat Decision Manager and Red Hat Process Automation Manager. Decision Manager and Process Automation Manager enable developers to automate business processes and business rules in a low-code environment. This training presents the opportunity for developers to get hands-on experience with Red Hat Decision Manager 7.8 to develop business rules to help their organizations react quickly to market changes.

  • There are no prerequisites for this course.
  • Java SE and Java EE experience is helpful.

Technology considerations

  • Internet access required.

Target Audience

  • This course is designed for application developers and business rules developers.

Introduction to Red Hat Decision Manager
Describe foundational concepts of business automation and Red Hat Decision Manager

Authoring Basic Rules in Business Central
Create and test basic rules using Business Central

Authoring Rules with DRL
Create DRL rules using advanced conditions and field constraints in Decision Central

Integrating Decision Manager Applications
Integrate Decision Manager applications with other applications using the Rest API and the Java API Client code

Implementing Best Practices for DRL
Identify advanced conflict resolution and implementing best practices for DRL rules

Implementing Decisions with DMN
Describe and use DMN to implement decisions in Red Hat Decision Manager

Defining Rules for Complex Event Processing
Describe and use complex event processing (CEP) with rules