EtusivuHae koulutuksiaFundamentals of Metrics Monitoring in Splunk Observability

Fundamentals of Metrics Monitoring in Splunk Observability

This course serves as the foundation for all other Splunk Observability courses. It is targeted towards DevOps/SRE/Observability teams, Senior On-call Engineers, Onboarding and Monitoring Strategists and Developers. This 6-hr course provides a fundamental understanding of Metrics Monitoring in Splunk Observability such as the metrics data model and different types of metadata. See how you can interact with data using built-in content, search for metrics, find more information about a metric, visualize and alert on metrics. Learn to use appropriate rollups, interpret chart data based on chart resolution, rollups, and analytic functions. All concepts are taught using lectures and scenario-based hands-on activities. Note:This course was formerly known as Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring Fundamentals. The new course contains additional content and hands-on labs.




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  • Define components of the metrics data model
  • Discriminate between types of metadata
  • Interact with data using built-in content
  • Create dashboards using best practices
  • Find and visualize metrics
  • Alert on metrics
  • Correctly interpret data in charts based on rollups, analytic functions and chart resolution

Introduction to Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring (eLearning)

Module 1 - Metrics Data Model

Define components of the Splunk IM Data ModelMetrics, MTS, datapoints

Data resolution, rollups

List the components of a datapoint


Module 2 - Types of Splunk Metrics Metadata

Discriminate between types of metadata

Use metadata to segment your data

Interact with data using the Infrastructure Navigator and built-in dashboards


Module 3 - Finding and Visualizing Metrics

Search for metrics

Visualize a metric in a chart

Create dashboards and dashboard groups

Distinguish between different chart visualization types


Module 4 - Using Rollups and Analytic Functions

Correctly apply rollups and analytic functions

Interpret data in charts


Module 5 - Alerting on Metrics

Create a detector from a chart

Clone a detector

Create standalone detector

Create a muting rule

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