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Fundamentals of Tableau for Technical Users


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This course will enhance the understanding of Tableau as a data visualization and exploration tool for technical users. The objective is to facilitate knowledge and skill-based understanding, that can be transferred and demonstrated within an organisation context.

Learners will be able to support report creators in their organisations, to build dashboards and develop data sources, which can be efficiently refreshed and managed.

The course is designed for an audience with 2+ years of Tableau experience and an interest in technical concepts like workbook performance.

This course presents a non-Microsoft visualisation alternative to Power BI Desktop for Technical Users (QAPBIDESK) and can be taken as progression from – Tableau Fundamentals (QATBFUND).

  • Data source curation – reshaping / cleaning / transforming
  • Add a knowledge layer on top of the data sources
  • Combine data sources with different formats and types
  • Design multi-level visualisations with interactive features
  • Performance optimisation tools

  • Knowledge of data types and database design concepts
  • Ability to create and format different chart types in Tableau or Power BI
  • Comfortable with excel formulas or DAX
  • Experience designing dashboards (any software)

* Please note that this course is not suitable for new Excel or Database users.

Target audience

The target audience for this Tableau 2-day technical course is those who have experience in database design, data transformation, ETL processes and will be responsible for creating reports and data sources for their organisation, even supporting other tableau creators, in Tableau.

They are interested in deepening their understanding of Tableau as a tool for flexible visual communication, including troubleshooting and workbook efficiency.

Module 1 Product and Overview

The aim of this section is to ensure learners know more about the products in the Tableau ecosystem and what the installation/ update process looks like.

Module 2 Data Sources: Connections & Purpose

This module takes a deeper dive into data sources and how to manage the sometimes-challenging formats that raw data arrives in, using the limited transformative capacities and reshaping features of Tableau.

Module 3 Combining Data Sources

This module is about selecting and bringing the different data sources.

Module 4 Visualizing and Interactivity

This module is the biggest part of the course and leads learners towards resolving a case study requirement, using data sources provided to create visualisations, worksheets and dashboards based on given data sets.

Module 5 Enhancements

This module will consolidate learning across the previous modules and revisit some of the core concepts to ensure understanding and confidence in Tableau workplace application.

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