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i2 Analyst’s Notebook v9x Upgrade Course

The version 9 upgrade has a refreshed look with easier access to various analysis functions.The upgrade course will enable students to utilise the new analysis functions and familiarise themselves with the changes that have been made to the software.

In order to support students from all working environments, a range of data sets are used during the course, including people, financial, communication and crime data.




8 tuntia


780 €

The course will provide students with the knowledge to utilise the new version of the software. They must be existing users of the software or have attended the Core Skills or Advanced Analysis and Importing Course or have similar knowledge of the software. This can include staff from law enforcement, counter terrorism, financial, insurance, private and public sectors.

After completing the course students will be able to:

  • Navigate around the menus and chart area using the new chart interface
  • Utilise the single click options
  • Customise the screen options using the docking options
  • Use the new grouped functions to help analyse the chart
  • Utilise the activity view features
  • Use the new layout functions

Students must have a satisfactory knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Office applications and have a full working knowledge of previous i2 ANB versions

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