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Microsoft Windows Client Total Learning


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QA Total Learning™ is our newest and most effective way to learn.

Combining the best of digital and live learning, with access to world-class industry experts, we focus on ensuring you can apply your learning to help you drive impactful results in your workplace. What's more, our digital platform gives you the tools to track your progress and manage your own learning.

This course is for IT professionals, including service desk analysts, service desk engineers, support analysts, and technical support engineers. It has been designed to help learners refresh their knowledge of operating systems and troubleshooting, to support career progression in the IT administration space, and/or to work towards the Microsoft Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification.

In this Total Learning course, learners will benefit from both digital and live learning to provide the best possible preparation for any Windows 10 IT administration position.

The Digital stage of the learning journey covers all the core theory of the course, while the 2-day virtual Live event gives learners scenario-based labs to do with expert support and guidance. This gives learners a chance to put what they’ve learned during the Digital stage into practice. The Apply stage continues the journey and gives learners an opportunity to demonstrate to their employers that what they have learned during the Digital stage and the Live event, through focused project/BAU work.


Learners attending this course will receive the Microsoft official curriculum courseware for the MD-100 exam. The Digital and Live content included within this course will help prepare learners for the exam, but is primarily focused on ensuring that the learner is equipped with the latest knowledge of modern desktop administration. Therefore, in order to pass the exam, we recommend further self-study from the manuals after attending the Live event.

  • install and customise Windows 10.
  • configure updates for Windows.
  • configure devices and drivers for Windows.
  • configure storage for Windows.
  • configure network and remote management settings in Windows.
  • configure and manage browsers and applications in Windows.
  • configure account access and authentication.
  • configure file and folder permissions.
  • describe methods for securing Windows 10, common threats, and methods for mitigating against them.
  • troubleshoot Windows and application installations.
  • troubleshoot hardware and driver issues.
  • troubleshoot file issues and perform recoveries.

  • A basic understanding of computer networks and hardware concepts
  • A basic understanding of OS and Application concepts
  • Experience using the Windows OS

This Total Learning course consists of three stages:

  • Digital stage – up to 25 hours, completed over a minimum of 4 weeks
  • Live event – 3 days
  • Apply stage – 20 hours of effective work over 3 months

Digital stage

During the Digital stage, learners will work through the following content:

  • An introduction to Windows 10
  • Deploying Windows 10
  • Configuration, updates, and management
  • Users and device accounts
  • Managing devices and drivers
  • Storage, file systems, and permissions
  • Networking
  • Apps and browsers
  • Security
  • Support and troubleshooting

Live event

During the 3-day virtual Live event, learners will work individually and in teams to work through a series of labs. These have been designed to give learners the opportunity to put everything they learned during the Digital stage into action.

The facilitator will use Miro to create a digital workspace environment, enabling a collaborative and interactive learning experience.

Apply stage

During the Apply stage, learners will apply the skills gained during the Digital stage and Live event into their day-to-day work. Learners are given several options to choose from, allowing them to tailor the Apply stage to their personal and business situation. The Apply stage has been designed to give line managers transparency and sign-off powers. QA will support to ensure that learners understand exactly what they need to do during this stage.