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PC Fundamentals: Windows 11 and Office 365


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This course is designed for people who are not familiar with computers and want to know more. For instance, if you want a career change, or are returning to work after a break, or just want to understand why and when to use the available functions.

This course will give you the confidence to start effectively and efficiently using a computer, identify and use key components and gain valuable skills to explore further. The course is highly interactive with plenty of hands-on exercises and examines Windows 11 and Microsoft Office 365

  • Get started with your PC
  • Work in a Windows environment
  • Manage files with File Explorer
  • Understand common Microsoft Office 365 elements
  • Work with the basics of Word and Excel
  • Complete basic tasks in Outlook

Delegates are not expected to have gained any prior knowledge of PCs before they attend this course. However, it is strongly recommended that they have some keyboard and mouse experience.

Module 1: Getting started

Identify hardware, software, and operating systems

Switch on, login and explain possible password constraints

Identify important keys on the keyboard

Use and configure the mouse

Be able to identify different mouse pointers

Module 2: Working in a Windows environment

Identify the Start menu, Desktop, and taskbar

Customise the Start menu and taskbar

Understand common icons and buttons

Use Minimize, Maximize and Restore commands

Resize application windows

Multitask by splitting the screen and using Snap Layouts

Module 3: Managing files with File Explorer

Understand the File Explorer interface

Describe the difference between local, network and Cloud storage

Navigate through folders

Create, rename, and delete folders

Copy and move files between folders and drives

Work with a USB sticks/drives

Work with zip files

Module 4: Common Microsoft 365 elements

Understand the common screen elements in Windows applications

Open, save and close files

Understand the difference between the Save and Save As commands

Understand the basics of working with documents and workbooks

Module 5: Working with Word and Excel essentials

Create and format a simple Word document

Use Word’s proofing tools and Print Preview

Create a simple Excel spreadsheet

Use Excel’s AutoSum feature

Module 6: Working with Outlook essentials

Send an email

Respond to and forward emails

Delete unwanted emails

Create a folder to organise your mail

Work with attachments

Appendices (time permitting)

Browsing the internet

OneDrive essentials

Simple troubleshooting and options