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ServiceNow Administration Advanced




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The ServiceNow Administration Advanced course teaches about the robust controls in the base instance in modules and labs to reinforce daily tasks. Course labs are designed step-by-step to facilitate the application of concepts.

This course explores the ServiceNow application and how it is defined. It continues by covering the components of an application, focusing on application scopes and the different types of application data. The course examines the importance of reporting. Development and Debugging tools are introduced. Also, ServiceNow's ability to integrate with many third-party applications and data sources is analyzed. The course reviews how ServiceNow reporting enables the user to create and distribute reports that show the current state of instance data, such as how many open incidents of each priority exist. Tools for data hygiene are reviewed. The course emphasizes the importance of maintaining the system to provide a better user experience.

The ServiceNow Administration Advanced course will prepare administrators through advanced concepts by:

  • Identifying ServiceNow applications and application components
  • Explaining the difference between application configurations and customizations
  • Describing best practices for reporting efficiencies within the ServiceNow platform
  • Introducing students to development and debugging tools
  • Discussing integrations with the ServiceNow platform
  • Identifying various factors affecting performance

  • Welcome to ServiceNow
  • Have taken ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals or ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals OnDemand and are familiar with:
  • Application Navigator
  • Form configuration
  • List configuration
  • System settings
  • Update Sets
  • Have some JavaScript experience
  • Two to three months of administration of a ServiceNow instance