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ServiceNow Application Development Fundamentals




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This handson course provides training and lab work to support custom application development in ServiceNow. Attendees will build an awardwinning loaner equipment application by working through a checklist of considerations for application creation, including decisions such as creating an application table vs. extending an existing table, and determining how users will interact with the application.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Design an application table: to extend or not to extend?
  • Create and implement forms and views for a positive user experience
  • Manage application business logic with scripts
  • Control access to the application and its records
  • Send notifications to stakeholders and collaborators
  • Make use of Flow Designer to automate applications
  • Integrate to ServiceNow and to public web services
  • Make use of the Service Catalog to provide access to applications
  • Test the application manually and automatically
  • Make use of the Application Repository to install/uninstall applications

ServiceNow experience level: 6 months to a year