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TAP Certificate in Training Delivery – five day version for new trainers


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Target Group

The need for effective training has never been greater and trainers have never been under more pressure to prove their worth. This comprehensive five-day programme gives new or inexperienced trainers the knowledge and skills they need to deliver interactive, participative, and effective training.

Course objective and assessment

Participants will plan and deliver a training session that is evaluated against the TAP® Training delivery assessment criteria.

The course includes

  • Pre-course reading
  • Evening revision and preparation
  • Five sessions covering the TAP® training delivery methodology and its related criteria
  • Each participant will prepare and deliver a training session on a topic of their choice


The participants will learn:

  • Principles of learning
  • How to structure and prepare for a learning event
  • Delivering an interactive learning experience
  • Questioning skills
  • How to establish and maintain confidence and credibility
  • Selecting and using learning methods and training aids


This course is for trainers who are new to training or have been delivering training for under six months and wish to formalise their skills and knowledge with a recognised qualification. They do not need any previous qualifications in training.

We recommend that participants bring a laptop with them if they have one. If not, we can make other arrangements.

Course Content

Session 1: Consider your learners

  • How training differs from presenting
  • Understanding and overcoming learners’ concerns
  • The Learning Cycle and the AGES model and implications for how trainers deliver learning

Session 2: Training Delivery Style

  • Deliver with credibility, confidence, and enthusiasm
  • Create a positive and participative learning climate
  • Give praise and recognition to learners for their efforts
  • Use training aids effectively
  • Coach learners when necessary
  • Ask the right question for the right reason at the right time

Session 3: Training Session Structure

  • Get a session off to a good start
  • Be clear about outcomes
  • Set a route map for the session
  • Identify learners’ prior experience
  • Build clear and well-structured content
  • Deliver content efficiently and interactively
  • Reinforce key learning points
  • Review learners’ progress
  • Adapt your approach if necessary
  • Review and conclude a session

Session 4 Learning objectives and tests

  • Write a clear and concise learning objective which includes the three essential elements
  • Ensure that the three elements support each other
  • Assess whether learners have achieved the learning objective

Session 5: Balancing trainer/learner activity

  • Encourage learner participation
  • Use questions to help learners generate their own insights and to take responsibility for their learning
  • Signpost the structure and progress of the learning at the beginning and at appropriate points throughout
  • Handle learners’ questions effectively