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Teamwork gamification - Orangino Work

You become Team coach Orangino Work and get a practical toolkit to develop your team towards effective and enjoyable teamwork. You create powerful results with the structured dialogues that this tool provides. The workshops are easy to prepare and they also appreciated by introvert persons in the team. Orangino Work can be used by management teams as well as workgroups. It is also proven and very suitable for example in retrospectives with agile teams.

You learn about what drives team performance and motivation, why teams in psychologically safe environments perform better and how to release the intrinsic motivation of your employees. Research has shown that the skill that most of all characterizes the high-performing teams is social safety. In such a climate all will be heard equally and no one is punished when they make a mistake or fail. This make the employees more creative and they dare to take risks in order to develop and perform better.

All teams can develop a socially safe climate. During this course, you will learn a dialogue method, Orangino Work, with concrete tools to strengthen your teamwork. You work with structured dialogue in a joyful game format. You train your team in feedback and open communication, rendering a learning attitude. Studies at Lund University indicate that intrinsic motivation increases and group climate becomes more secure, and furthermore it has proven to give results fast.


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850 €

Target Group

This course is targeted for team leaders and managers who want to get practical tools to create functional teams.


  • have more open communication with and in the team
  • develop the team's social skills
  • empower each employee to express themselves and take responsibility
  • make teamwork more fun and effective

Effective teamwork - educational goals

Through training you have gained knowledge of how to create a secure group climate and the way how teams develop their motivation, social skills and success behavior. You are now ready to use the tool Orangino Work at once, with your first own workshop with your own team already prepared. That means that you can at once take advantage of the course to develop and improve. After the training, you are a Certified Team Coach and may use the toolbox Orangino Work with your own team.


No special knowledge is required. Some experience to lead group discussions is beneficial.

Content of team work gamification training

  • Creating high performance teams
  • Intrinsic motivation and how it can be released
  • The leader's new role
  • Dialogue, active listening and reflection
  • Orangino framework - methodology and tools 
  • Strengths and Success behavior
  • Types of Orangino Work exercises and workshops
  • Practical exercises
  • Preparing your own workshop - Orangino Work

Training material

In addition to the course documentation, you get a complete toolkit Orangino Framework consisting of:

  1. Orangino Work tool box (a physical box containing 220 cards with defined work behaviors as well as estimation tools for the dialogue process)
  2. Tutor Support - how to train your team (PDF)
  3. Description - Orangino Work exercises and workshops set up (PDF)
  4. Handouts for the team members (PDF)


Training days begin at 9 and end at 16-16.30, breakfast is available from 8.15 am onwards.

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