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VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid: Install, Configure, Manage [V1.5]

During this three-day course, you focus on installing VMware Tanzu® Kubernetes Grid™ on a VMware vSphere® environment and then provisioning and managing Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters. The course covers how to install Tanzu Kubernetes Grid packages for image registry, authentication, logging, ingress, multi-pod network interfaces, service discovery, and monitoring. The concepts learned in this course are transferable for users who must install Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on other supported clouds




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By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
• Describe how Tanzu Kubernetes Grid fits in the VMware Tanzu™ portfolio
• Describe the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid architecture
• Deploy and manage Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management clusters
• Deploy and manage Tanzu Kubernetes Grid workload clusters
• Deploy, configure, and manage Tanzu Kubernetes Grid packages
• Perform basic troubleshooting

1 Course Introduction
• Introductions and course logistics
• Course objectives

2 Introducing VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
• Identify the VMware Tanzu products responsible for Kubernetes life cycle management and describe the
main differences between them
• Explain the core concepts of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, including bootstrap, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
management and workload clusters, and the role of Cluster API
• List the components of a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid instance
• Illustrate how to use the Tanzu CLI
• Identify the requirements for a bootstrap machine
• Define the Carvel Tool set
• Define Cluster API
• Identify the infrastructure providers
• List the Cluster API controllers
• Identify the Cluster API Custom Resource Definitions

3 Management Clusters
• List the requirements for deploying a management cluster
• Differentiate between deploying on vSphere 6.7 Update 3 and vSphere 7
• Describe the components of NSX Advanced Load Balancer
• Explain how Tanzu Kubernetes Grid integrates with NSX Advanced Load Balancer
• Explain how Kubernetes manages authentication
• Define Pinniped
• Define Dex
• Describe the Pinniped authentication workflow
• List the steps to install a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster
• Summarize the events of a management cluster creation
• Demonstrate how to use commands when working with management clusters

4 Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters
• List the steps to build a custom image
• Describe the available customizations
• Identify the options for deploying Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters
• Explain how Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters are created
• Discuss which VMs make up a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster
• List the pods that run on a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster
• Describe the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid core add-ons that are installed on a cluster

5 Configuring and Managing Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Instances
• Define the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid packages
• Describe the Harbor Image Registry
• Define Fluent Bit
• Identify the logs that Fluent Bit collects
• Explain basic Fluent Bit configuration
• Describe the Contour ingress controller
• Demonstrate how to install Contour on a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster
• Demonstrate how to install Service Discovery with ExternalDNS.
• Define Multus CNI
• Define Prometheus
• Define Grafana

6 Troubleshooting
• Discuss the various Tanzu Kubernetes Grid logs
• Identify the location of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid logs
• Explain the purpose of crash diagnostics
• Demonstrate how to use SSH to connect to a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid VM
• Describe the steps for troubleshooting a failed cluster deployment

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