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Managing Change as a Project

This training focuses on how you can carry out major changes effectively. You sharpen your skills on how to lead change as a project, thus making it more easily managed and monitored entity. You reduce the resistance of change, when the change is implemented in a systematic, well-communicated and people's different styles considering change project.

Target audience

The training is aimed at professionals who deal in their work with planning, implementing and managing change. The training benefits anyone, who is carrying out change in an organization. The training is also beneficial for consultants who act as facilitators of change or carry out change in another organization.

This training is run in Finnish. If you are interested in training on these themes in English, pls contact us. 

The description of this change management training in Finnish is here.

Need for rapid and even major change(s) is constantly growing. Often an organization's whole strategy is dependent on the successful implementation of some major changes. Change management has become a vital skill in achieving the objectives.

Properly managing change requires even from an experienced professional high-level visioning, communication, planning and commitment creation skills as well as softer empathic skills, so that the change can be implemented as desired and the desired benefits of the change can be secured. Taking a prominent role in a change team requires good understanding of one's own communication and behavior styles' strengths and weaknesses in demanding change situations. 

Benefits of this change management training

  • You are able to implement changes quickly and efficiently
  • You bring a systematic approach to the implementation of a change project
  • You learn effective tools how to get the change implemented in your organization
  • You practice how to act as a change leader / change agent
  • You increase your organization's readiness for changes
  • You know how to prepare, plan and implement a change project
  • You know how to properly deal with emotions associated with change and how to deal with change resistance
  • You learn ideas and recommendations of well-known experts in the field of change management
  • You understand better your own communication behavior and its impact on carrying out change
  • If you so wish, your own change project can be taken up in discussions, exercises and group works, with the aim to provide you added value helping you directly in the implementation of the change.

Timetable for the change management training

Training days begin at 9:00 and end at 16:00, morning coffee available from 8:30 onwards.

Training card on this change management training

Those who pay with Tieturi's training card will be charged 3 training days.