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Project Champion 2.0

In this training program, which is targeted at experienced project work professionals, you develop and deepen your understanding and skills in all the aspects that are relevant in project work.

Benefits of Project Champion 2.0 training

  • You will apply the best parts of agile approach in your own projects
  • You will run your projects with less hassle in the surrounding organization
  • You will cover your back with proper project contracts
  • You will handle project communication like a communication professional
  • You will hone your skills in leading a team of experts
  • You will learn methods to handle change management
  • You will improve your ability to control and manage project risks
  • You will get new tools and methods for managing the phases of project planning and implementation
  • The 360 assessment helps you to recognize the strengths and areas of development in your interaction style
  • Based on your own projects, you will carry out a personal development project during the training. You will get an experienced professional's comments to support your work. The aim of the development project is to provide tangible help to your daily work.
  • You will update your knowledge on the latest trends and research results in the field of project management & leadership
  • You will network and exchange ideas with other project professionals

Target audience

This training is targeted at experienced project professionals. That means you, who manage projects and internal or external development programs. Typical titles of participants include Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Project Director, Development Manager, Development Director, Program Manager, Systems Analyst, System Expert, Department Manager, Group Manager, Team Leader / Manager.

This training is also suitable for those involved in the development of a project organization or project culture, e.g. those involved in PMO activities.

This training is run in Finnish (here the description in Finnish). If you are interested in training on these themes in English, pls contact us.

The Project Champion training program has been completely revised. The well-known project management training of Tieturi has been rebuilt to meet the challenges of future project work by utilizing MIF's solid knowhow on communication and leadership.

The training has three main themes:

1. Utilizing the best parts of agile approach in project management

2. Matching the operations of a project and the surrounding organization as optimally as possible.

3. Leadership and management aspects of expert work, heading a team and driving change are interwoven in all the parts of the training. The training contains a 360 assessment of your own interaction style, which helps you to recognize your strengths and areas of development.

Project Champion is based on the best project work practices in accordance with international standards (PMI & IPMA)

The structure of Project Champion 2.0

This training consists of six training days, which are grouped to three separate two-day modules. We want to ensure that the learnings of the training actually get implemented in practice. For this reason you carry out a personal development project relating to the topics of the training and your own projects. The results or plans of the development project are presented during the last training day. The topic of the development project is typically linked to your own project management/leadership or the development of the whole project culture in your organization. You get an experienced project work professional's comments to support your work on the development project. The aim of the development project is to provide tangible help in your daily work.

The content of Project Champion 2.0

1st module Oct 8-9, 2019

Oct 8, 2019
Projects and project culture, the preparation phase of projects

  • Agile project culture & projects
  • Project models
  • Project management frameworks
  • Project portfolio management and its importance
  • Organizational support for projects
    • PMO and its role
  • Key issues of project preparation phase
  • A project's business benefits and initial content (scope)
  • Getting approval for your development project topic, using the normal project approval procedure

Project roles and responsibilities, project environment and stakeholders

  • Organizing your project
  • A suitable project management model and its significance
  • Roles and responsibilities in a project
  • Stakeholder analyses of different kinds of projects

Oct 9, 2019
Contracts and contractual practices in projects

  • Basics of project delivery contracts (sales of goods and services)
  • Subcontracting agreements (purchase of products and services to a project)
  • Links between different contract components
  • The most appropriate contract terms and conditions for various purposes
  • Avoiding contractual risks

This topic is run taking into account the industry sectors that the participants represent.

Leading a diverse project team

  • Diversity leadership at work
  • Diversity management practices in companies: cases from different companies
  • How to get the most out of the resources and skills brought to you by internationalization
  • Challenging situations in diverse project teams
    • avoiding misunderstandings
    • conflict resolution

2nd module Nov 4-5, 2019

Nov 4, 2019
Project planning phase

  • The best practices of project design process and practical planning methods
  • Project partitioning, PBS, WBS
  • Resourcing, dividing tasks and workload management
  • Functional network and critical path
  • Planning a schedule
  • Critical Chain Project Management (Lean)

Project risk management and risk analysis

  • Project risks and business risks
  • Assumptions and risks
  • Risks and poor project management
  • Risk management process
  • Risk analysis and prioritization

Project implementation phase

  • Project kick-off
  • The meeting practices in the project and of its steering group & improving them
  • Time management in the implementation phase
  • Managing deviations and changes (scope, timetable, budget) in the project
  • Quality management in a project:
    • inspections
    • assurance
  • Reporting chains and managing them
  • Managing subcontracting in the implementation phase
  • Project team lifecycle management
  • Maintaining and strengthening the motivation and commitment of experts

Nov 5, 2019
Agile project management

  • Basis of agile thinking and actions
  • Core elements of agile management
  • Impact of an agile approach on roles in project management
  • Agility during the project life cycle
  • Tools to support agility in projects
  • Overview of agile frameworks and methodologies

3rd module Dec 12-13, 2019

Dec 12, 2019
Cornerstones of project communication

  • Creating and using clear key messages
  • Tools for planning project communication and communication channels
  • Communication visualization and visualization tools
  • Sequenced model in aiding project communication
  • Essential target groups of project communication: a systematic stakeholder analysis
  • How accurately can project communication be planned?

Successful interaction style in co-operation: explaining the results of the 360 assessment

  • To support your own interaction style development, each participant will receive a detailed individual report of the 360 assessment, the contents of which will be explained by the trainer
  • The assessment is done online beforehand by the participant, his/her colleagues and superior
  • The assessment sheds light on the main aspects of self-awareness
  • Covers the most important aspects of successful interaction style, based on an extensive research
  • The set of questions is scientifically valid

Dec 13, 2019
Change management in projects

  • Change vision
  • Managing and using resistance to change
  • Success factors of change
  • Roles in a change
  • Managing stakeholders in a change
  • Eight steps of change (by John P. Kotter)

Closing the project

  • Closing the project correctly: the key issues of closure
  • Learning from projects
  • 360 results revisited: how have you applied your own 360 assessment results in practice
  • Presentations of the development projects and benchmarking their results for benefitting your own projects

Project management training: place and time

The training is carried out in Helsinki.

Training days begin at 9:00 and end at 16:00 (at 17:00 on Dec 12), morning coffee available from 8:30 onwards.

Price of the project management training program

The fee is € 3995 (+ VAT 24%). The price includes 6 training days, a 360 assessment with personal feedback reports, as well as materials, lunches and refreshments during the training days.

Training card on this project management training

Those who pay with Tieturi's training card will be charged 7 training days.