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Webinaari: Cyber Security for Leaders

Cybersecurity is a Business Management issue No. 1 or at least it should be!

 Today we focus to leaders, board members and stakeholders 

We are discussing:

- What C-level leaders need to know about cyber security

- Why it is so important just now, where to start and how. 

- Cyber security threat and opportunity.

 - In our digital world where everything is connected to everything, how

company´s management can lead this complex issue.

- What are the megatrends, currently (Silent badasses are in your system)

The Cyber ​​Security Webinar series explains how companies can protect their most important assets.

This first episode focuses on the role of cyber security from a management perspective. We delve into, perhaps the biggest challenge for management, how to increase and develop company´s ability to act in a cyber space.

Why? Because today and in the future business leaders need a better strategic level of understanding of the cyber-world events, trends and their ramifications. Not forgetting that  overall mindset requires a great change of attitude because cyber security is not just about technology but also about people.

Hosts: Cyber-specialists Aapo Cederberg CEO Cyberwatch and Pertti Jalasvirta Executive director 360 Cyber Academy

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Webinaarin aika: 17.1.2019 klo 11-12

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